Affiliate Programme

“Guilt-free healthy snacks that are better for you”

Even though we can’t wait to share ketoi’s goodness with the world, we understand that without you, the message wouldn’t be able to travel far at all. This is why we’ve decided to create a brand ambassador affiliate programme for you so that we can share our “sugar-free and low carb” message across the world.

We know that endorsing and representing a brand can be tiring work. That’s why we’ve studied other affiliate programmes and ensured that we provide a programme that’s not only rewarding but also fun for you.

Together, we believe that we’ll be able to spread the word about our healthy desserts and snacks, bringing a better lifestyle to everyone who passes.

 What are you waiting for? Join us today!

Become a Brand Ambassador

What does being a ketoi Brand Ambassador entail?

When you sign up to be a brand ambassador for ketoi, you’re signing up to be influencers that spread the word about us online. As such, an ideal ambassador for ketoi should be someone who supports living a sugar-free and low-carb lifestyle with a strong focus on healthy living.

While you will not have to undergo a keto diet, having a specialised diet that encourages clean and healthy eating is favourable. As you’ll be expected to help endorse our brand online, you should have a strong following and be influential in at least 1 form of media (be it blogs or on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook). And of course, the most important requirement is for you to be a fan of ketoi’s products.

When it comes to working with us, flexibility is key. No matter your posting pattern or audience, we will be able to work together and find a plan that will fit both our needs. Whether you post an occasional instagram post when you have our products or have a dedicated section for ketoi on your blog, we will try our best to accept you into our family.

The benefits for our Ambassadors

Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to work for us without anything in return. Everytime you refer a customer to us, you’ll receive part of the sale as commission. After working with us for a while, we’ll even provide you with extra opportunities and sponsor giveaways and free samples so that you can further spread the ketoi message.

Once you become a Brand Ambassador, you’ll receive online banner ads, coupon codes and specialised URLs that you can use to help attract customers in any way you deem fit. All sales through these platforms will net you a commission.

Getting started